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About Us

The Next Generation of Visual Storytellers.

We are simply a group of young filmmakers and visual storytellers dedicated to helping capture others' visions. Our team is made up of a variety of members with diverse career experience perfect for accomplishing whatever our clients desire. We aspire to contribute to making professional video production more accessible for all people and businesses. 

Our Story

It all started with a hot latte.


One sunny day in January, sitting in a local Tallahassee coffee shop, a few young filmmakers with a camera and a crazy idea decided to embark on an exciting journey together. On this day, Hot Latte Productions was formed.

From that point on, we worked diligently to establish our company and stay true to our goal of making professional video production accessible to all. We are eager and excited to grow with the Tallahassee Film Industry and work with all of the local businesses that make our work worth while.

Meet The Team

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